Obsession or Compassion for our “child-like” pets?

Roughly two thirds of U.S. households have at least one pet.  These pets are considered to be an essential part of the family.  After all, pets are not just pets anymore.  But let me ask you: Are we obsessed with treating our pets like royalty or is it simply out of compassion that we feel the need to give our pets a better life than they were dealt?

Empty nesters, single professionals, and couples without children tend to be the ones that are bonding and certainly spoiling their “child like” pets.  That is in the tune of $41 billion a year.  This includes but not limited to the simple pleasures such as clothes, strollers, and beds to the extravagant, like doggy daycares, afterlife provisions, and plastic surgery.  

Is “pet pampering” getting out of hand?  How about $919/pair for testicular implants, $430 for an indoor potty, or $30-an-ounce for perfume to keep your canine smelling just like you?  Half of dog owners admit they consider their pet’s comfort when buying a car.  In Cleveland, Ohio, Progressive Auto Insurance now offers collision coverage for customers with dogs and cats at no additional premium cost.  If the customer’s dog or cat is hurt or dies in a car accident, Progressive will pay up to $500.  

Just think, if owners are spending billions to keep their pets looking young (plastic surgery to Botox injections), they certainly will spend the same if not more to keep them alive.  Euthanasia was once seen as the most humane way to put pets out of their misery, but now owners are turning to painkillers, chemotherapy, extensive surgery, and hospice care for a prolonged life and a clear conscience.  But don’t worry.  If you can’t find just the right words to say to your pet, Hallmark has your back!  “A dog’s life” certainly seems to have new meaning these days!