It’s Great to be Man’s Best Friend

If you have grown up with or around dogs, you can definitely relate to the old clich of them being man’s best friend.  They are loyal and provide us with needed companionship, unconditional love, and laughs.  There is certainly a special bond between a dog and its owner/family.  But I think that dogs have played us for years! 

Here are the top 10 reasons why it’s great to be a dog (man’s best friend):

  1. It’s alright to sleep anytime, anyway, and anyhow

  2. April 15 is just another lazy stress less day

  3. Money has no meaning to them yet they’re guaranteed to get spoiled rotten — bling, bling

  4. If they don’t amount to anything, its OK

  5. They are not expected to remember birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, yet no one ever forgets theirs

  6. They can scratch themselves, sniff anywhere, and pass gas without any consequences

  7. They have a well-rounded diet: “human food,” dog food, dessert out of the trash can, and then washed down with toilet water

  8. If they gain weight, no one blames them

  9. No one questions their stupid moments

  10. Being frisky with every dog is acceptable and expected

Can anyone say “woof woof?”