The Name Game

Having trouble deciding on a name for your puppy?  Oh yes, the pressure of a name. Well, you are not alone.  It is hard coming up with just the right name for your new puppy.  That is, the perfect name that fits it’s personality or appearance.  Since dogs are considered to be an integral part of the family, people are more inclined to choose a human name for their dog.  For example, Max has been the most popular male dog name for the past four years.   

One thing you might want to consider when picking out a name is the number of syllables in that name.  Pick a name with as few syllables as possible.  First of all, it’s much easier for your puppy to understand since their brains are much simpler than ours.  Second, it’s much easier to yell a one or two syllable name in an emergency to get their attention.  It also shouldn’t sound like anyone else’s name or like any of the commands that will be used to tell the dog what you expect him to do.  For example, Beau might sound like no to the dog and confuse him. 

Another tip is to pick one name to call your puppy and stick with it. Although nicknames are cute, your puppy might not be able to learn its name.  By calling your puppy different nicknames or a full name one moment and a nickname the next, it will not ever develop a strong bond with its name, and you may have problems teaching it to return to you.  Consistency is the key!   

But what should you name your puppy?  Some dogs are named for their attitude (Rebel), potential (Prototype), natural feature (Stripes), movie (Shiloh), flower (Daisy), or even food (Oreo).  My children named our dog Chip simply because he is a chocolate Lab.  We also had a yellow Lab named Knucky because he had a big knot on the top on his head that never went away.  Just take a walk around your neighborhood or park and listen to the fascinating names of the dogs.  Our neighborhood is an interesting place to do just that.  Down the street,  there is a heavy-set black Cocker Spaniel named Barbie that growls at us as we walk by and a massive Great Dane named Tiny that looks as if it could jump the fence effortlessly (and swallow me whole).  My favorite, though, is a Saint Bernard named Twinkletoes. 

Take your time.  Waiting a few days to name your puppy will give you a chance to pick the perfect name as your puppy’s personalty shines.  You can find a name that fits your dog and makes you happy!