Through a Dog’s Eyes!

img_1107.JPGHi, my name is Chip and I’m hear to say,

My life is great, especially when I’m getting my way.

I like to greet you with a sniff and a big wet one,

Who can deny that I’m so darn cute and a lot of fun!

Well, let me just begin by telling you a few things about myself.
img_0361.JPGFirst of all, I am one big tough beast and the king of a little place I like to call home. After I have intimidated you with my ferociousness, I like to show my softer side by rolling on your feet and sitting on your lap. I have heard that humans like to treat dogs like children, so I cuddle in their laps like a little baby. It seems to make everyone happy (especially me). Well, a little pampering never hurt anyone!!!

img_0366.JPGSecond, I know I am man’s best friend but sometimes I am very confused about my identity. It’s a bird…It’s a plane…No, it’s Super Chip. I mean I know that I can save the entire world when I’m called to duty, but I’m just confused as to why this part of my life has to be undercover. After all, I feel so powerful and in charge when I’m wearing the cape — I know I’m Top Dog! And, to tell you the truth, I know I look rather handsome in my red cape and the babes dig it!

Last but not least, I have a great sense of humor. I love to img_0362.JPGslowly (inconspicuously) inch my way up to the edge of board games that the family is playing. Then, all of a sudden, I roll across the board game, drawing all the attention where it should be — ON ME! It is just hilarious. In case you doubt my humor, here’s a little joke for you. What did Minnie say when Mickey asked if she was listening? I’m all ears so pbbbbbbbl!