Cool Toys To Satisfy Your Dog

Perhaps your dog is an Aries and is “The Leader of the Pack” or a “Snoop Dog” because he/she is a Scorpio and finding the perfect toy to satisfy your dog is challenging. If you are having trouble finding just the right toy to fit your dog’s personality, then I have a few cool toys for you to check out.

If your dog is the type that must keep busy to stay out of trouble, then howgodoggo_product_box.jpg about the automatic fetch machine called GoDogGo. This toy is perfect for dogs with inexhaustible amounts of energy and can be found at It launches tennis balls for your active dog to retrieve over and over again.

wee-snuggas-spring-mix-400.jpgMaybe your dog is not quite so active but loves to be playful. Then how about a Wubba found on These toys are great for the fetching, tug of wars, or just for chewing, and they are durable.

Some dogs, however, prefer to be challenged intellectually. For these problemmini_leos_product_leftside.jpg solving canines, I found the Leo and Mini Leo at These toys can be linked together and a treat placed inside to peak your dog’s curiosity. The treat will move from one toy to another until the puzzled is solved.