For the love of Rocky

I heard this story on KSDK news and was touched by the actions of one eight-year-old girl from Atlanta. Katherine Hawkins is her name, and she was able to change the life of a golden retriever named Rocky. Rocky was under the care of the rescue group Adopt-A-Golden and needed surgery to repair a broken leg that previous owners neglected to take car of.

genthumbashx.jpgKatherine saw Rocky’s picture and fell in love with this adorable dog. She just had to help! Katherine started her mission by giving up her allowance, but she didn’t stop there. Katherine then sold cookies until she raised over a thousand dollars for Rocky’s surgery.

Thanks to Katherine’s love, determination, and hard work, Rocky was able to have the needed surgery. Katherine and her family have adopted Rocky, and Katherine decided to rename him Tanner since he is too sweet and loving for a name like Rocky! Tanner is now in post surgery therapy and loving every minute of the love and attention he is receiving from his new family. All for the love of Rocky!