Mommy’s New Baby Meets Mommy’s Big Baby!

There really isn’t enough time to prepare you for the birth of a child. But after nine months and much thought and preparation, you are as ready as you are going to be. Well, the time finally arrives for you to bring your new bundle of joy home, but what about the big baby in your life, your faithful pooch, you left waiting for you at home? After all, it was getting most, if not all, of your attention before. Did your preparations include getting your dog ready for this new family member?

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Before the baby arrives home:

  • Take your dog for a routine exam to make sure it’s healthy
  • Have your dog spayed or neutered because sterilized dogs are usually calmer
  • Familiarize the dog with new smells, like baby lotion and powder
  • Bring something home with the baby’s scent for the dog to sniff
  • Slowly adjust your dog’s schedule to fit the anticipated schedule needed for the new baby
  • Gradually reduce the amount of time and attention you give the dog because that time will probably be spent on the baby

When the baby arrives:

  • Have someone else carry the baby in the house so you can focus your attention on the dog like you usually do when you enter the house
  • Allow the dog to explore the new smells associated with the baby
  • Correct any bad behavior immediately
  • Reward the dog so it associates good behavior with the baby with a positive experience
  • Include your dog when going on family walks and other activities

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole!” ~Roger Caras