The Breakout!

I read an interesting article the other day about a dog (Luke) that had been picked up and put in the local pound in Oklahoma after roaming the streets. His owner, a 53-year-old woman, was informed that they would release Luke when a fence was built to contain him. The next day, however, the owner unfortunately passed away.

Rumors then began to fly about Luke being euthanized so one minor (17 years old) and two adults (18 and 22 years old), therefore, decided to break into the pound to get Luke out. The purpose of the breakout was to allow Luke to attend its owner’s memorial service. They were able to cut the lock at the pound with wire cutters but were greeted by the police as they left the building holding Luke.

As it turns out, the pound had no intention of euthanizing Luke, and the two adults were charged with second-degree burglary while the minor was cited and released to his mother. And no, Luke didn’t make it to the memorial service!